Tuesday, February 26, 2013

imagine a fox

A short PSA on the importance and excellence of this short work of nonfiction about imagination and childhood and nature from Brian Doyle.

All things fox catch my eye these days, ever since the glory of those foxes on the side of the road in the golden mornings up in Mishkeegogamang early last winter, and ever since we named our son after them some nine months later.

We were blessed to have seen these foxes, but it is often enough to have been allowed to imagine a brush with wilderness.

Brian Doyle's novel, Mink River, has been ordered, packed up, mailed and delivered, and is now sitting in my "to-be-read" queue. Thanks to Woodbird, for the tip.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

the best

It seems to me the best things in life remain the same, unchanging with age, time, experience. Or maybe I've just gotten better at noticing how good a moment can feel.

A short list of examples:

-reading a good story
-the quiet, solitary warmth of a bath
-homemade pizza
-tromping through the snow
-pulling a sled
-laying around in bed while the morning sun slants in
-drinking tea with company
-drinking tea alone
-playing music on the living room floor
-the smell of baby's head
-the sun, warm on your back; a reminder that winter will end
-the thrill of a thrift shop find
-unexpected guests
-unexpected roadtrips
-a delicious soup at a faraway Mexican restaurant
-the earthy smell of the farmer's market
-eating warm perogies from a paper bag