Tuesday, September 04, 2007

spinning and also spiraling

I'm still coming down from a weekend in the hills. The Shelter Valley Folk Festival was this end-of-summer weekend, and it was great. I probably saw less music this year than ever before, between volunteering and a mid-festival break for a friend's wedding, but anything that includes good food, tie-dyed everything, tent mornings, moonsongs, campfires and small children has got to be good. And on top of all that, sunshine!

Also, something that commands this kind of commitment is obviously made of love:

I'm a believer.

P.S. Find of the weekend? James Hill. He plays the ukulele! (And was the most gracious vegetarian in the face of a near-meat experience.)

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Northumberland Independent said...

It was a wonderful weekend full of ups and downs, lefts and rights.

The great thing is the feeling of contentment at the end of the weekend as you are driving further away from the festival with a smile, knowing that you have just been a part of something special.