Wednesday, February 09, 2011

For reals, though.

Due to my preferred costume, I seem to get a lot of remarks referring to my habit as some kind of religious statement. Questions like "How are your sister-wives?" and suggested affiliations with the Amish and the like.

In the interest of defending my own style choices, while also redeeming the reputations of the faithful, I'd like to present an alternative inspiration: the Waltons.

The long-running 1970s television series about a big ol' poor-in-money, rich-in-love family living at the bottom of a mountain in 1930s Virigina is pretty much right up my alley. We have rustic living, rural sensibilities, beautiful scenery -- all through the lens of the '70s prairie-revival.

Items of note:
  • barefeet with overalls
  • pinafore aprons
  • Mary Ellen's straw hat
  • suspenders
  • so. much. gingham.
  • braids and pigtails
  • screen doors
  • liberty print like it's going out of style (I assure you, it is not)

What's not to love?


apples with honey said...

I found you via a facebook post from your dad and I just have to comment!
We just started watching our second season of the Waltons and I have been thinking to myself how my husband should be wearing suspenders and I should be making all my clothes and wearing overalls and dresses.
Had to say I am glad to find we are not alone in our Walton joy!

ronda said...

yes! found one redeeming reason to have satellite tv...the waltons are on every night. best winter hibernation "activity" we've had in a long time. you must add glasses of milk and pie for dinner to your list!

Eva Girl said...

I'm glad I found your post : ) I've been making reproduction Olivia dresses. I think they are the best thing for a housewife: comfortable, practical, and feminine. You can work around the house and look fine for a trip into town too ; )