Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey friends and lovers,
Whether you're a love-lover or love-hater today, Minnesota Public Radio has you covered. They've created two hours-long sets of Valentine's Day songs. The "Greatest Love Songs" show is five hours of The Flaming Lips, Iron and Wine, Billy Bragg and
Nina Simone to get you in the mood, while the three-hour long "Greatest Break Up Songs" has Patsy Cline, Jeff Buckley, Sebadoh and The Seeds singing about how they've lost that loving feeling. Click here to listen.

1 comment:

fearless said...

i take a day off and spend hours reading your blog.
insert 'must check regularly" or risk getting lost in your world.

the other day i googled a photo of "lisa loeb" and then got lost for hours reading some girls blog that just happened to have a photo on it. insert grief and late night here...

this will happen to someone when they go looking for a photo of tina turner...


thanks for the distraction.