Wednesday, July 09, 2008

i don't want to push it

It's like standing at the end of the dock, I guess.
Standing at the end of the dock for the first time of the season, when you're not sure how warm the water is yet, and you're afraid you'll lose your nerve if you dip a toe in. It's all or nothing, and you don't want to seem like a girl but you're pretty sure there's something moving down there under the water. You don't want to look too closely, so you just do it.
You say you'll count to three, and when your voices get to "two" together, you jump, pulling him in with you. His elbow hits your ear on the way down, and when you surface together, he spits the water out of his mouth, panting, and says "I thought we were going on three!"
And the sound and motion and breath and night time just carries off across the water, and you're in.


Rachel said...

2 words:

Good. Egg.

colin said...

we hesitate to necessitate because we're head-strong. it's always feet first for us so we know we can land.