Friday, January 02, 2009

current pressing concerns

  •  social ettiquette for end-of-year lists--and those who insist on referring to them as "listicles"
  • whatever got Europe's "Final Countdown" stuck in my head
  • discomfort with the appearance of something called "Shanghai Noodles"
  • Humphrey Bogart never once says "Play it again, Sam," in the film Casablanca
  • a missing pair of yellow polar-fleece mittens. If you've seen them, please post below as they were my warmest pair
  • the fact that Chris Lyon always ruins all our fun with his crap-ass music
  • a fortune cookie that read "Your tongue is your ambassador"
  • the fact that lists of any kind don't count as writing 

1 comment:

L.Bo Marie said...

I love the shanghai noodles. don't knock them.