Wednesday, July 25, 2007

get folked up, stay folked up.

kyle, me, katesheff, miss bess, SVFF 2006 - "it rained at woodstock!"

Here's the thing about the Shelter Valley Folk Festival: it's the perfect end to every summer.

On the ideal Labour Day weekend, the sun is shining, but there is a nice breeze. At night, the sky turns purple and the view from the hill is of the lake and the sun and some of Canada's best. Last year, every single rained-out, wet socks, water-pooling-in-the-tent, "where are our all our towels?", hurricaned moment of last year's was great.

Three reasons to go to the Festival:

1. Artistic director Aengus Finnan has this gift for picking artists who are always on the edge of something. If you see a performer at SVFF, chances are they'll win an award from the Canadian Folk Music Association in December or show up on the cover of Penguin Eggs.

2. Even if you don't think folk music is your thing, there will be something at the festival that is your thing, whether it's a singer-songwriter or the wellness tents or the children's parade or the really good Carribbean food.

3. Performers really really love SVFF. If they love it, you'll love it.

Three reasons to volunteer at the Festival:

1. The food. Among musicians I've talked to, Shelter Valley is known for having the best hospitality area among summer festivals in Canada. Who woulda thought that putting out some corn chowder on a cold Sunday morning would get such rave reviews?

2. Camping on the top of the hill. See above for why this is good.

3. The late-night bonfires. This is sort of a see-for-yourself kinda thing.

Also, I'm pretty sure Shelter Valley has the cutest kids in the world.

Get on it.
2007's line-up
Volunteer application


L.Bo Marie said...

yer mamma's gonna kill you for mentioning the corn chowder!

Beth said...

o baby
i'm putting you in charge of publicity!
did dad pay you to add the bit about the chowder?
He wants - I suggested having corn chowder for breakfast at SVFF on his tombstone. Which could be sooner than he thinks if he keeps flogging the stuff.
See you at SVFF!

Dan said...

see you there Meghan.
thanks for comments on my blog
I mention to people "in the know" that my niece is an adjudicator for Polaris. it carries some weight in some circles... personally, I really like Feist's stuff, but then maybe that's cuz I hear her more on my CBC-sound-tracked travels.

Anonymous said...

Ma and Pa Shef mentioned in The Star: