Friday, July 06, 2007

life according to my inbox

The other day Que Sera Sera had a pretty sweet post - a list of text messages that Sarah, the blog writer*, had found her cellphone inbox. After feeling some mad (and not uncommon) NYC-blogger jealousy, I scrolled through my own inbox. My friends are funny too.

He will make you that bread and you will try to break my mother’s heart.

Don’t fear your feelings.

I know you know everything already, but in case you forgot, today is Steph’s birthday.

Dominated in 06 and now I’m back.

I can’t seem to access Facebook. Tell Rachel to cut it out.

No one can. That’s how it’s ruining lives. I’ll call in your request to the radio station. Also, I am a wild party.

Well, la dee dah!

I have a lesbian crush on you.

Haven't written a damn word all day.

Our song is playing!

He did that voice trailing off thing again.

How embarassing for both of us.

Either he's a boyfriend or a diner waitress.

The abortion girl is loud-talking to R, J, et al about how I think she's a bitch and I puked at SK's while Mike and I sit 12 feet away.

I'm basically in grade 7. Come here and kill me now.

*With whom I feel a strange kinship. See her about me:

"I am happiest in life picking part cold rotisserie chicken with my bare hands, preferably after 3-4 drinks, while standing in my underwear in front of a television playing the "Devil Went Down to Georgia" part of Urban Cowboy."


Rachel said...

I also feel some serious kinship with her. Mostly for this line, "Turn offs include diet cola, large groups of women, pictures of your cat, and people who cannot get past the fact that they were once gifted children."

Also, who is that message about me cutting it out from?

L.Bo Marie said...

oh good, you're a blogger again.