Sunday, July 15, 2007

who doesn't love that llama?

Miracle Fortress - Five Roses

Miracle Fortress is the love whisper of Montreal's Graham Van Pelt (of Think About Life semi-fame). It's already been designated (by a number of sources) 2007's summer album. While I have beef with seasonally-designated albums, there's no denying that in the same way that no one throws on Pet Sounds in January, this album is built to fit the big skies and long days of summertime. The muted guitar rumbles like dark clouds on a hot afternoon and synth sounds sweeten the mix with layered cicada-like tones. Adorable (and, okay, super twee) lyrics like "lately lately, I've been thinking it could be forever just us two" are half-hidden in the instrumental wash, giving intelligible moments a gem-like appeal. An album so built of dreamscapes risks dizziness and my favourite thing about this album is its restriction; while Van Pelt paints the sky, he keeps the horizon in view.

Miracle Fortress - This Thing About You
Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson were transported fifty years into the future, and they arrived on Queen West in a skinny tie (for Danny), American Apparel tights and some plastic sunglass frames, "This Thing About You" would be their "song."

Miracle Fortress - Maybe Lately

Miracle Fortress - Next Train

*Miracle Fortress made the Polaris shortlist
*On the Miracle Fortress myspace site, there is a picture of Van Pelt's touring band feeding the llama at the Big Apple in Colborne, ON.

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