Thursday, July 12, 2007

selling out large

The short list for the Polaris Music Prize (a $20 000 prize for the best album of 2006, based on artistic merit alone) was announced this week. As one of the 150ish members of the Jury, I participated in two rounds of voting, eventually submitting a rated list of five albums from which the top 10 were selected. Here are my picks, in order.

1. The Besnard Lakes - TBL Are The Dark Horse
2. Rock Plaza Central - Are We Not Horses?
3. Miracle Fortress - Five Roses
4. Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet
5. Jim Bryson - Where the Bungalows Roam

I'll write some interesting and witty arguments for these albums later. Maybe. Or just listen to them yourself.

Also, The Besnard Lakes and Miracle Fortress made the top 10.

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L.Bo Marie said...

As for Jim... put him at the top of the list ;)